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Operating a motor vehicle while in turbo mode. Often referred to as DWT for short. This can be extremely dangerous and should be avoided. My suggestion if you're in turbo mode and you need to get somewhere is to listen to music that sucks like Celine Dion or Nick Lachey.
Guy 1: "Oh man, last night I got pulled over for driving while turbo agian"
Guy 2: "Seriously? That's like the 5th time for you isn't it?"
Guy 1: "Yeah, apparently driving down the wrong side of the road while you're hanging out the driver's side window hitting street signs with a baseball bat and screaming the lyrics to Paralyzer is a dead give away that you're in turbo mode."
Guy 1: "I'll burn you my James Blunt CD, I actually think you'd like it. Plus it will help you drive better"
Guy 2: "why do I hang out with you? you're a queer"
by TRON 2.0 January 28, 2008
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