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Also known as DBJO. It's when a guy drives by you in the street while you're walking on the sidewalk and asks for directions for a place he's like really far away from.

When he stops and starts asking you directions he's rubbing one out and he'll keep doing it while you're talking to him. He's likely to drive away if you notice what he's doing and you're not into it and tell him to drive away.

Get his licence plate number and denounce the bastard.
(Drive-by jerk off stops his car next to a woman walking on the sidewalk.

DBJO- Excuse me, do you know where the Placita is?
Woman - Um, that's really far away you are way off.

DBJO- Uh-huh *he is already masturbating*
Woman - Uh, wait , what are you doing?
DBJO- Mm-hmm *keeps masturbating*
Woman - *steps back* Oh my god, go. Just go!

(Drive-by jerk off drives away)
by zetazetaram May 31, 2016
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