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Some obnoxious jackass who used to be a somewhat (un)funny comedian, but nowadays he's just a Glenn Beck wannabe who uses YouTube as a soapbox to preach his right wing bullshit without doing any research, and scream at his ignorant racist redneck fanbase who only live, no, EXIST to kiss his ass. All he ever does is blame Barack Obama on literally everything, play the victim, and act like he's "the voice of the people" when the only person he's speaking for is himself. The only people that he appeals to are rednecks, pseudo-intellectuals, and Fox News worshipping republicunts who think Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh are gods. If he's as unpleasant in real life as he is on camera, then chances are he'll die of a stroke or an aneurysm before he turns 40.... considering alcohol poisoning doesn't get to him first.
If you're a fan of this dumbass prick and take everything he says to heart, I suggest you check yourelf into your local mental institution.
Here's what a conversation with a typical drinkingwithbob fan is like:

Fan: "Hey dude, have you seen the new DWB video lately?"
Me: "No. If I wanted to be lectured by an ignorant cunt who doesn't do research, I'd watch Glenn Beck."
Fan: "You don't watch DWB? You must be some cocksucking liberal socialist who worships CNN and dreams about Obama's dick 24/7. Do you love niggers? Yes you do because you hate America. Bob is the voice of the people and once he becomes president, all liberals, illegal immigrants and niggers will be put in the gas chambers!
Me: Yeah, whatever.
by FUCKYOUBOB! June 01, 2010
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