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noun. An over dramatic feminine homosexual man.

noun 2. Melodramatic fruity gay man who:
-Often talks with a lisp and is extremely arrogant.
-Likes to tell rumors and get in other peoples business.
-Often thinks he is hotter than any other guy at school.
- Is usually found in High School or College. Is often a virgin trying to compensate for his sexual frustration.
"Wow, that guy is such a drama fairy for talking behind peoples backs like that. "
by Akila Ishtar May 10, 2008
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A flamboyant gay person who thinks to highly of ones self: loves to look in a mirror, and admire ones own "beauty" of you can call "it" beauty.

A person who thinks that the world was made for them, and every one like them, but is to blind to see that they have no "real" friends.

An gay (homosexual) person who finds immense joy in causing drama between two or more people, to compensate with ones own lack of a small male organ
O.M.G. Nicks such a Drama Fairy, why cant he just stay out of things that aren't any of his business!

"Hay look at they guy, every time he passes a mirror he has to gaze at him self for like, forever, OMG did you see how he looks at the lady, that was so rude, he's such a Drama Fairy"

He keeps talking about being a virgin, just because he cant get laid, doesn't mean he has to be such a Drama Fairy about it.
by DeathtoDew May 07, 2008
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