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A cowardly form of communicating grievances to another person without having to face them.
I will not allow myself to get pulled in a drama texting with this looser!
by CMETLIBRA February 03, 2010
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1. any form of text messaging which involves fake alerts, unfounded promises, fantasies, falsehoods or plain old bullshit.

2. real time, person to person texts where both individuals, against better judgment, attempt to piss the other one off and have the last word.
1. "Im so sick of dramatexting, yesterday I read an amber alert for spongebob, was promised money from the money angel, was asked to forward five stupid texts to see if I was hot, didn't meet my soulmate and not a fucking thing surprised me @ 11:11!'

2. "When she found out I was seeing someone else she dramatexted me like 50 times, so I just deleted them - I'm done with the dramatexting bitch anyway!"
by bill b licious April 13, 2010
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