Dragonfable;A fairly new game which was introduced to paying Guardians during Mid-2006.This game features PvP, stat points which are used to add skills to your stats when leveling up each player is awarded 5 skill points.Every level each player can wear armor when they are at a certain level.You can wear helmets,swords,belts,rings, and armor that will not increase your stats.Armor will still the same way forever with purchasing a Dragon Amulet from the main website.After the Dragon Amulet is purchased you will be able to change your armor by entering a portal that is able to take you into many areas.Areas include, FalconReach, Amityvale, Aries Battlespire (PvP Arena),Forests , and The elemental region.Events that currently are Over/Currently Happening are Xan War,Beta Test which was only available to paying guardians, Gorgok's Wrath where you had to defeat him.In Gorgok's Wrath you were given unlimited potions while battling Gorgok which currently having 1000HP with Robina and Ash Dragonblade (Who was the main character in Archknight Which Is Also Available Only To Guardians).After the game was opened shops were, The Dragon Coins Shop, The Inn, Yulgars Shop, Path To Oaklore,Guardian Tower(Includes Library, Armory, and Training Area),Potion Seller(Sells For Free), Barber Shop,Tranporter, Doom Weapon Merchant,Path To Forest,Grams Pet Shop, and a Passage to the right of Falcon reach.All of these areas are included in the game,Other things like Settings are different.Sound is included in the game finally, the way of walking around the game has changed.You can scroll around an area when moving around different places, Transport To Hometown is available in the Main Menu, Plus the graphics of the game has improved by changing the flash version to 8.0.The Owner of the game is Artix Von Kreiger.His real name is undisclosed.Currently the quest system has no way to be kept track of but Twilly keeps track of your quests by organizing them. One last thing is that the game of Archknight instead is continueing in DragonFable
Guy1:I just payed $20.00 for a dragon amulet on DragonFable!
Guy2:2 years ago the price for guardian ship on Adventurequest was $15.00!I don't know why the price changed!!
by John Glen March 31, 2007
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A fucking horrible online rpg. The gameplay is basically turn based where you have a certain set of skills that you use to kill your enemies. Everything is 2d with a very anime style to it seeing as the creators of the game are some serious weeaboos. The game supposedly has a story but it really doesn't, it's just a new monster every week who supposedly will destroy the world and you have to stop it, blahblahblah. It's single player and you don't get to have any interactions with other players other than this shitty pvp where you fight AI characters that have the same gear as other players characters. It takes an obscene amount of time playing this game to level up 1 level after level 20 which means by the time you get to the max level in this game you could have gotten to level 80 in wow. The creators constantly try to find new ways to make you pay more money. First they charged you 20 bucks to buy a dragon amulet that only worked for 1 of your characters so that character could play the 80% of the game only people with dragon amulets could play. Then they decided to make you buy some bullshit called dragon coins so you could buy "ECXTRA SPEZUL WEAPONS" that are far superior to normal ones and that cost around 5 dollars per weapon. Sooner or later you are going to HAVE to buy this shit because they have some extremely powerful bosses that you can't kill without dragon coin gear.
retard: Hey man I just wasted 40 hours and 200 dollars trying to get to level 40 in dragonfable. I haven't even seen another person other than my mother in the past week!
Normal person: You do realize that there are games far less time consuming and more enjoyable for the same amount of money you spent on this game right?
retard:*shoots himself for wasting his life on this shitty game*
by theghostofchan July 28, 2010
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