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A phrase used to call out a douchebag comment. Also Known As Douchebaggery.

Rules Regarding The Use Of The Word 'Douchebag Douchebag Moment':
1) Never Used As A Compliment.
2) If One Does Not Call Out The Douchebag Moment, The Douchebagger Must Admit To Their Wrong Doings.
3) If One Does Call Out To The Douchebag Moment, The Douchebagger Must Say "Douchebag Moment."
4) If The Douchebagger Does Not Comply, A Beating Is Necessary.
5) The Beatings Mentioned In Rule 4 Must Be Random, As In When The Douchebag Least Expects It. The Douchebagger Can Say Douchebag Moment While Getting Beat, But It Will Have No Meaning And The Beating Will Stay In Effect.
6) Retaliation Is Only Permittable If A Low Blow Is Obtained. A Low Blow Is A Crotch Shot For Males, Cunt Punt And Boob Punches For Females.
Rule 1 example.
Girl: Ugh, I Feel Stuffed.
Boy: You Look Stuffed.

Rule 2)
-After Boy Says Comment=
Boy: *sigh* Douchebag Moment.

Rule 3)
-After Boy Says 'You Look Stuffed'-
Girl: That Was So Douchebaggish.
Boy: Douchebag Moment.....*whispers* bitch

Rule 4)
-After Boy Says 'You Look Stuffed'-
Girl: That Was So Douchebaggish.
Boy: *shrugs* So?
Girl: So Say Douchebag Moment.
Boy: Why?
Girl: Fine *thinks to self* You will soon learn...

Rule 5)
-Boy Naps On Couch-
Girl: *jumps on Boy while slugging him in the face* GrrAhh
Boy: Ahhh! What's This For!??! *shields face*
Girl: You...*puches Boy's lip* Didn't....*gives Boy bloody nose* Say....*punches Boy's adam's apple* Douchebag Moment!!!
Girl: Too Late *knees Boy's gut*

Rule 6)
Girl: *knees Boy in crotch*
Boy: RETALIATION! *head butts girl*
by ViolentChick February 14, 2010
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When you are normally not a douchebag type but for a split moment act like a douchebag.
Guy 1: I am hungry and haven't had almost anything today.

Guy 2: Well for breakfast i had breakfast pizza with country gravy sause, cheese, eggs, bacon and biscuit crust. For lunch i had a sandwich wrap. For dinner, i went to a chinese buffet. And now i'm eating nachos.

Guy 1: Dude stop, you're making me even more hungry, you dick.

Guy 2: Sorry, i was going through a Douchebag Moment

Guy 1: Oh ok.
by Gamerlives March 17, 2014
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