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An extremely advanced sex technique that was banned in 19 countries by the Geneva Convention and remains today as one of the most powerful and notorious sex moves history

Double Cum Bubble Prod is when you mold your pre-cum into two separate bubbles on the tip of you cock than you push you dick against her cunt, but you do NOT penetrate.

If you keep prodding repeatedly and you will always cum last :D

The reason its so powerful is because the girl will prepare to be penetrated but it wont come. If you keep doing it she will keep preparing and keep going and going. This is extremely exhausting for her and the technique is primarily used to weaken her so you can be better in bed

However it was banned because the consequence can be dire. Continued usage can cause serious damage to her ass and may eventually cause severe sex problems in the next 16 years.

It can also be used to punish her and shit thats why it was banned

But besides that its a sick way to get that shit pumped, baby
DUDE 1: Bro one of my mentors taught me how to do the Double Cum Bubble Prod man

she was like -_- O_O -_- O_O -_- O_O

DUDE 2: Dude thats not cool she was probably hurt man

DUDE 1: Nah Im just pumping that shit homie
by Notorious waaay August 30, 2011
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