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A facial expression showing extreme anguish or displeasure.
Since my car is broken and I have no money, I'm stuck in my house with the dookie face.
by Kinda D. June 23, 2004
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A term used to describe a person, male or female, with an ugly or aesthetically displeasing face or someone who often makes unsightly facial expressions. Often used in Myspace mirror pictures, in reference to an individual with a nice body but an ugly face, or when discussing those girls sitting on the couch giggling amongst themselves at your male friends' parties. Dookie Face can also be used when hating on someone's online photos, when laughing about your friends' new girlfriend, or when you stumble across a just plain hideous woman.
"Hey, have you met Brad's new girlfriend?"

"Yeah, I have. She's a total Dookie Face." -OR-
"Hey, did you see the pictures of her dye job?"

"Yeah, it's a pretty color, but she still has a major case of Dookie Face."
by Senator Mayor February 27, 2010
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