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1. (n.) A funny phrase culled from the popular internet site Regretsy. Can be used as an exclamation of elation.

2. (n.) An unusual item of jewelry found in Maine, USA and other parts of the US. Can be strung together on a necklace or made into earrings or other jewelery. Generally taken from the droppings of the North American moose. A hilarious gag gift and a completely justified expenditure!

3. (n.) An epithet for a friend with whom you are on very tenuous terms with, which you can sling around behind their back. Hints at the disgusting, but also relatively insignificant nature of said "friend", who's highly condescending and thinks they're more important than they really are. A jerk or an asshole.

4. (n.) Used in a simile or comparison. An unpleasant manner of being: feeling down-in-the-dumps, exhausted or unwell.

2. "I say, Mrs. Hampton, that new doo doo nugget necklace from the Continent looks quite, how shall I say, chic? on you? I might even say a trifle bohemian!" *ladylike giggle*

3. "I used to think my ex was I just think he's a doo doo nugget. On my shoe!"

4: "I feel like doo doo nuggets on a necklace"
by rotting orange November 19, 2009
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