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A messy bun on top of a girls head. Takes time to do, but to achieve the perfect doo doo bun it must look as if you have just rolled out of bed and that you don't give a shit as to how you look. Sweat pants, work out clothes, or t-shirts are usually worn when rocking the doo doo bun. Headbands are also recommended to complete the "I don't give a shit" look.
1)OMG Katherine's rockin that doo doo bun on top of her head! It looks like she just rolled out of bed and she looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) She's wearing a messy bun; therefore, she must have awoken late for class and did not have time to complete her hair. I wish my hair would look perfectly messy just like hers.
by KBREEZYYYYY October 18, 2010
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