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a dominican person who lives in the US, but still lives, talks, dresses and act like they are still living in dominican republic.

Some US raised dominicans try hard to act hick.
dominican hicks use the same phrases used in DR and they will try their hardest to stay updated with the new hick slang

dominican hicks walk a certain way(train walk)moving your arms in a locomotive way, and relaxed legs.

dominican hicks Wear pointy shoes made with alegator skin, with nut hugging jeans

Over uses hand jestures for EVERYTHING.

They can talk them selves out of almost ANYTHING. Using something called Dando Cotorra aka Parrots.

Some Hick slangs: Dame Luz, Dame Light, eso eh parte la LiFe, Que lo gua, Montame que toy a pie, dime a ve PAPA Y tu potato, Pela Catz, Balkotz aka balbarazo, tranki, montando pila, sueltame en banda, Manin, Le llegatz aka le llegate, and there is much more.
by el grande LI October 25, 2009
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