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One of the best skate documentaries ever made. It chronicles the events that took place in South Santa Monica, California in the mid-to-late 1970's in a ghetto area known as "Dogtown." A group of twelve young radicals bonded together to become one of the most influencial skate teams to this day. The group included skateboarding legends such as Tony Alva, Jay Adams, and Stacy Peralta.

The boys were sponsored by the Zephyr surf and skate shop located in the heart of Dogtown. The owners of shop (Skip Engblom, Jeff Ho, and Craig Stecyk) acted as mentors, coaches, and fellow "pirates", often letting the youths engage in illegal activity and often joining in on the fun.

The Z-Boys were primarily surfers, and they carried their surf style into their skating, prefering the low surf stance to the traditional straight-backed style. As the boys gathered interset in their new style, they also gathered fame which was accompanied by high paying offers from competing skate companies.

"Dogtown and Z-Boys" documents the rise and fall of the Zephyr Skate Team.

If you want to know the real side of the story behind "The Lords of Dogtown," watch this movie!
"Dogtown and Z-boys is such a great documentary- it sucks that they had to ruin it by making that crappy Hollywood version of the story (Lords of Dogtown)."
by little wing October 09, 2005
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