in my term, dogmatic cunt means when someone is dogmatic and a cunt about your beliefs. a dogmatic cunt means someone being a super religious and judging other people's beliefs (no matter what belief of faith they're in ), telling them " you are going to hell if don't believe in jesus ". dogmatic cunts will ostracize you everyday for believing anything that is different.
~~say for instance

me:" well i'm not a christian and i believe in THIS instead.."

Some christian karen: "WHAT??! you don't beilieve in jesus???? YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!! "

me: WOOOWWWW!!! I'm not going to hell because you and I don't believe the same. screw off , you dogmatic cunt ! !

~~that's how you respond. .spread the word and have a great time using that word. peace out.
by KumoriAkuma April 10, 2021