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Dobre Brothers : (Noun) Four astonishing teens that are best know for their amazing talent! Dancing !......In grocery stores . God blessed them in a bizarre way but thank him we discovered new fine gold . They are the most kindest teens alive ! Ha maybe God is jealous. But do not take advantage of their kindnest.. for they are also wise and do not let people step on them, And 100.1℅ sure Dobre Army will attack you anyways. Nobody is perfect and good looking as the Dobre brothers. Heck ! even their "flaws" are perfect.
Lizza-"Hey Chris! Do you know a different word for god?"
Chris-"uh...I dont think there is one.."
Cassandra-"Um, yes there is. "
Cassandra-"dobre brothers (':"
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by @dobrecompany August 09, 2017
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Lacking talent, sounding like a stoned teenager, or excel to look like the world's biggest douche
"Hey Mark your channel is so bad, why you such a dobre brother
by SeeGuy July 31, 2018
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