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similiar to the do not call list, the do not drunk list is a list that one makes on thier personal phone. it can be stored or just committed into memory.

This list is people who you have said that you will not call when you are drinking. adversly, the same list includes the same people that you will not answer phone calls feom when you have been drinking.

This list most commonly includes:
partner or ex's

Paroll officers
that sketchball who always calls you to see where the good parties are
1: hey joe, i think ur phone is ringing.

2: yup it is, but its my ex.

1: so? arent u gonna answer it?

2: nope, shes on the do not drunk dial list.

1: i think im gonna call stacey.

2: u really shouldnt, you said no matter what, you were gonna put her on youre do not drunk dial list.

1: good call, take my phone for me bro.
by fatguylittlecoat October 24, 2009
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