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A form of communication forged out of a drunken chaos, initially as gibberish and over time has evolved into its own language. Can used as a means of locating another in a crowd, similar to animal callings, or to express emotions using different pitch, tone and volume, and pauses, similar to chimpanzee grunting. Can also be a greeting or salutation and a closing statement, like "Aloha." Sometimes is replaced with shorter "du duh" which has a more versatile range of expression. Both terms are interchangeable during certain exchanges, mainly opening and closing statements. Even has covert applications.
Person A: Do doo doot doot!
Person B: Du duh!!
Person A: What's up man?
Person B: Oh nothing much. Whats up with you?
Person A: Just chilling.
Person B: Cool. Lets go to the bar tonight.
Person A: Ok sounds good. Meet you there.
Person B: Do doot doot doot doot doot.
Person A: Do doot doo doot du-duh doot doot.

While at bar, Person A arrives before Person B.
Person B arrives and has no idea where Person A is located.

Person A (at distance): DO DOO DOOT DOOT!!!
Person B: Oh there you are. Du-duh du-duh.
Person A: Let's get a beer.
Person B: Du-duh hell yeah.

Person A wants to tell Person B to check out some hot chick at the bar for his opinion, but her proximity does not allow for open conversation.

Person A: Du-duh
Person B: Du-duh?
Person A looks at hot chick: Du-duh?
Person B looks at hot chick then back at Person A: Du-duuuuuuuhhhhh!!! (nods head in approval)
by Du-duh Byah August 05, 2009
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