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This phrase refers to the most powerful, gaseous force known to mankind and it is a result of the mighty weight loss drink known as Slim Fast. "Mon Dat Be Some Powaful Shit" is what rastafarians used to say when exposed to its mystical, medicinal ways. A legend was born in a place called Tazewell, when a young high school wrestler started taking this popular weight loss regimen. Thus, he became famous for his "distinct" qualities over night. Lets just say that he was the only one known: "to be able to clear a room" with his atomic ability.
Ern, man you be takin' a dizzle atomic dump again!!! Literally, there goes the neighborhood!!! Fo' shizzle my ern dizzle!! Whew, damn what is that??
by Shaqueezle G. October 27, 2005
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