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After announcing to friends and/or family you are divorcing, you are quickly dropped from the social circle. No phone calls, emails, invites. Treated like you have the plague.

Several reasons for being dropped
1. Choose sides with your stbx
2. Marriages are already shaky, treat it as contagious
3. Don't know what to say
4. Feel uncomfortable choosing a side or the thought of divorce. Rather than facing the situation, disappear altogether from the divorcing couple.

Remember, the friends you had before you married will likely stick by you. If not, the friendship was already fading. Expect the same from the exes friends before marriage. It hurts, but do you want people like that in your life? Good riddance. Make room for people who care about you. You will eventually make new friends. Important to have own network of friends.
Emailed a so-called friend about divorce, did not get a response. Clearly not a friend.

Find out friends invited your ex to a party, but did not invite you.

Casual couple friends ie: tennis doubles, drop the divorcing couple from the circle.

I have been divorce dropped.
by surfangel June 27, 2012
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