The act of incorporating articles of clothing and/or colors from a popular Disney character (Eg. wearing a orange shirt with a yellow vest or cardigan to represent goofy). commonly done by "disney adults" also known as fucking weirdos
"hey Joe im going Disney Bounding at the magic kingdom at disney park, you wanna tag along"
"no jim, what the fuck is wrong with you. this is weird please stop our family is worried"
by big peepee man123 April 9, 2022
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At Disneyland, you're not allowed to go in fancy dress if you're over a certain age. Older Disney fans get around this by dressing as the characters in a more subtle way. This is known as Disney Bounding.
I'm Disney bounding as Snow White. I've got my yellow skirt and royal blue top already.
by Pocketsizedwolf June 25, 2015
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