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A. Any mixed alcoholic drink, carried around the dancefloor while boogying


B. LSD and magic mushroom-infused lemonade or other juice.

classic recipe:

1. grind up an eighth of dried mushrooms. put it in a mason jar or something else with a wide mouthed lid. drop a strong dose of LSD in there (a sugar cube is classic).

2. add crushed ice till half full, room-temperature lemonade till it's 3/4 full, cap it, and shake it till the ice is all melted.

(use real lemonade with lemon juice and sugar, not the stuff from the store that's artificial all around.)

3. strain out the mushroom bits, drink half the elixir and give someone else the other half. or drink the whole thing if you're REALLY down to disco.
a. what's in the cup? 'at's that disco elixir, babe!

b. we shared a thermos full of disco elixir, it made for a pretty interesting evening
by pornstarface October 01, 2009
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