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Two people/partners at least one being male, lay together clothed in bed, on a couch, the floor, etc.. , One partner has to be asleep. The other dry humps (clothed, grinding genital area on something for sexual excitement) the leg of the sleeper until the point of loosing his load. Then composes himself above the lower half of his sleeping partner, whips his hard dick out, Removes one of the sleeping partners socks, Finishes himself (masturbates) in the sock and slaps them in the face with it until they wake up. Yells "good morning" Then bales off
Bob - What's wrong with Carla today? She I Grumpy as hell!
Ed - Yeah Sorry Bud... She wouldn't give it up so I woke her this morning with a "Dirty Sock hop"
by gearhead69 March 30, 2014
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