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1. A good bowler who has a mind that can not leave the gutter.
2. Someone who get kicked out of buffet bars or children daycares, for various(and possibly related) reasons.
3. A younger-aged man who can throw strikes, as well as skip, dance, and sing Rod Stewart & boy band songs.
You dirty bowler, shave that French moustace off your face!
I heard that the dirty bowler has never been to a theatre with a girl. Gaaaaaaaay!
by Mark James March 27, 2005
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The sexual act where the man stands at the top of the stairs and his girlfriend/wife bends over in front of him and he uses 2 fingers in her vagina and his thumb in the ass and throws her down the steps.
My girl is a dirty bowler. She loves to play around.
by Tylermsu February 10, 2018
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