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A dinkle dank is a prosthetic penis in the shape of an exotic mushroom that you happen to keep in your refrigerator. You keep it in their because you have exchanged your penis for a vagina in an effort to store stuff in there, such as a katana, and make it more versatile. By doing so you have to keep your dinkle dank somewhere. In short, or long, your dinkle dank is a refrigerated prosthetic penis.
Man w/dinkle dank: Hey you have your dinkle dank on you?
Man w/out one: Nope sorry, I left it in the fridge, good thing I have my katana in place of it. You want to go eat some dog?
Man w/dinkle dank: Sure, with this dinkle dank I feel like doing anything.
by TinyTowers December 12, 2014
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