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Made popular in a recent episode of "The Office", dinkin flicka roughly translates to "That's life" or "C'est la vie".

It can be used in many circumstances and basically means, 'well, what can you do about it?.. that's life'
The expression is generally used in response to horrible circumstances and is often repeated in agreement by the one in the bad situation.

According to the Office, the expression is "something us Negroes say" but dinkin flicka has recently gained popularity among other ethnic groups.
Darryl: I grew up in the hood.
Michael: dinkin flicka.
Darryl: dinkin flicka.

I just got shot!
dinkin flicka...
yea.. dinkin flicka...
by Charlie Baker May 15, 2006
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1.Guy 1: Dude, my wife's cheatin on me for some asshole! Guy 2: Dinkin Flicka. Guy 1: yeah, your right.... I think i'll kill myself. Guy2: Go for it nigga.
by Matt "Kratos" Hoffman August 25, 2006
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Dinkinflicka (exclamation)
A phrase used to confirm an action or statement. Or when agreeing with someone or something.
It is similar to the statements, "Damn right" , "hell yeah" , or "damn skippy"
In some cases it can be also understood as, "let's do this!"
I banged Jamie last night, dinkinflicka!

BIlly: Are you going to go see that movie with Caitlin tonight?
Tom: Dinkinflicka!!
by ThisIsJustForYou May 23, 2008
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verb. Having a brief romance and then casting aside the relationship and related person.
Advice from a friend to someone who has started dating a beautiful but weak minded or mean spirited person may be to dinkinflicka.
by Office Watcher April 01, 2007
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