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When two or more parties are having an exchange over some form of digital media (ie. cellphone, webcam, teleconference, video, etc.) and they substitute handshaking that would occur naturally during a face-to-face meeting with shaking whatever electronic device they are presently using.
Example 1:
Harvey Specter : “Mike, you really screwed up. But don’t screw up the digital handshake. Play the man, not the game. This is how you show them that you are a man and that you mean business.”

Mike Ross : “A digital handshake? What do you mean?”

Harvey Specter : “After we introduce ourselves on the videoconference, be sure to pick up the laptop and shake it to signify the digital handshake. Shake firmly three times, otherwise they won’t trust you."

Mike Ross : “They didn’t teach me how to do this in law school.“

Harvey Specter : “You wouldn't have learned this in law school if you went there.”

Example 2:
Nancy and Chester on chatroulette.

Chester : “I knew he was trustworthy. You can tell so much about a man by his digital handshake.”

Nancy : “I know, I love a man with a firm digital handshake."
by RespectTheAdmiral December 23, 2014
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