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1. A fat fuck that likes to let the kids get in trouble bc he is off recieving blumpkins from his mearbear.

2. A fag that uses the words ick ick ick and cucking fute like its his job.

3. Such a fat motherfucker that he sweats in 60 degree rooms which makes the room smell putrid.

4. A tank that his fav movie is Uptown Girls. And thinks Wrong Turn is very suspensful.

5. We took your fucking tire.
The dig baddy recieves blumpkins while the kids kill each other then tells mear bear ick ick ick then she stops and he says thats cucking fute which leads to him goin to the nice cool 60 degree room and sweats the room then turns putrid while he watches uptown girls and describes wrong turn to be suspensful.

PS We took Your tucking fire.

(Your sayin thats cucking fute)
by Fuckyourtirelesstruck July 20, 2004
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