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when a sexy af woman digs deep into a mans pants and grabs his big bulging dick like grabbing a fish. best way to do that is too stand right behind a man ready to fuck you and from behind take your hands and reach into his pants to grab that golden nugget. make sure you have a big chunk in your hand so it is easy to last a lifetime. make him moan and groan by yanking it and stuffing it into your mouth so you feel all HORNY and SEXY. make sure to feel like you want to never stop taking your clothes off and keep on digging for MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!! feel a sense of urgency to squeeze it and fiddle around with it while still being sexy and bitchy. don’t give up if he doesn’t like it at first. promise him something like he can touch you in every position possible until you fall asleep sucking his dick.
WOMAN: ooohhh baby i have a game we can play

MAN: mmmmmm tell me before i lay you on my bed and smash you till we have 20 kids.

WOMAN: but first let me show you.

(walks behind him and places hands in pants on his dick)

MAN:(starts to drool and moan) 🤤
MAN: wh-wh-what is it oooohhhhhh mmmmmmmm oooowwwww called? uggg mmmhhhh?

WOMAN: it’s called the dick dig! you like that???!!🤤🤤

lasts all night and eventually that’s all he will look forward too
by cooky May 23, 2018
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