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A school full of ugly rich kids with their souls filled with crap. The girls are hella crazy AND ugly while the boys think the'yre gangster and cool and shit like that. They probably watch porn behind peoples backs. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the girls there are pregnant. Or boys. Anything vulgar is possible in Diablo Vista. The district spends all their money on diablo vista because they are afraid that the fucking spoiled bitches will complain or tell there sugar daddies that the school isn't good enough and should be torn down. Charlotte Wood Middle School is better and the girls are hotter. But the boys are the same fucking shit.
Kid: My tits aren't big enough, I might need to get plastic surgery.

Good kid: She must be a {Diablo Vista Middle School} kid.

Other good kid: Spoiled fucking bitch.
by AnnieNonymous(Shut up) August 25, 2016
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