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"D" is for delicious, sexy , sexy body, a great big heart. loves to row boats. a lady man, mainly always surrounded by girls in spanish class, all the boys are jealous especially guys named tyler. drinks alcohol and loves to party and go skinny dipping, thanks to his super sexyy bod! super bosyy and drives a uva. dreams contantly about megan fox hence his dream girl! Also known to sing miley cyrus songs like a maniac and open doors of a moving vehicle..Take caution please
man 1- "man theres no hot chicks to sit next to in spanish class"
man 2-"thats because they all sit next to devrin"
man1-"i know.. darnnn maybe if we drove a uva like him and rowed boats maybe then maybe we would be like a devrin!"
by Hotties from spanish class November 18, 2009
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