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An incredibly awesome GIRL with a huge heart and kind words. Likes to hug and cuddle, very faithful, loving, and smart. Knows French (or aims to)and very much likes biting. Also is a fan girl and her likes include Doctor Who, Link & Zelda, any game her boyfriend plays, animes like Rosario+Vampire, her stunning friend Alyssa, coffee (dear lord, dont give her any!) and anything furry except dogs, shes kinda afraid of dogs. Hobbys include learning French, art, hanging with her friends at the neighborhood library, taking really neat photos, and skyping about stuff like tanks, mouth to mouth, and uber spamming. If you encounter this wonderful girl she may come across as shy and quiet but shes super hyper and fun once you know her. She's also an awesome best friend and you should really get to know her and for those who don't, you're missing out on a really great person <3 <3
Girl 1: "Wow who's that girl? She looks like a bitch."
Girl 2: "STFU," *EPIC BITCH SLAP* that's Devon Michelle and shes super cool and you're not my friend anymore."
Girl 2: "Bitch."
by PATCHYCAT17 September 11, 2013
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