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Ideally, the expression “devious words” refers to a girl’s lame excuse to not hang out with a guy. Lately this term has been used by girls to avoid interaction with their significant other. On occasion, it could mean that she is thinking of breaking up with him, but can’t get the nerve to do it. Very often this won’t be noticed by the guy until his friend fills him in. Eventually, the guy will catch on to the dumb, stupid, excuses. Yet he can’t accept the idea of taking a break. Obviously this task wouldn’t be easy for any guy. Underneath certain circumstances the guy will quickly notice her fake smile and realize that maybe someday she will come around.
(Guy #1): Dude, come over to my house! Your girlfriend’s here!
(Guy #2): Aw I can’t, man. She’s been using those devious words lately.
by OrangeJuice81008 January 09, 2009
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