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person who dresses up in the stereotype "goth" form, but usually isn't actually a goth. They just pretend to be in order to fit in with a group or impress someone.

They wear all black clothing, long BLACK fishnet shirts, huge black studded/metal boots, neon or black fishnet tights (for girls), long, wavy black skirts usually with rips (girls), major studded belts, dye their hair black and grow it super long, wear black lipstick, black eyeshadow, and black eyeliner HEAVILY all together, paint nails black, wear pagan type necklaces and accessories of the sort just to seem like they're really into this.

Basically they are one of the largest wannabe.
1: "Look at Kailey, she's such a designer goth!"
": "mmmhmm, I'll bet she doesn't even know a single metal band or anything about the goth culture....such a poser!"
by !! <3 green day <3 !! August 09, 2005
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