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Derek Grant grew up in Detroit and now resides in Chicago.He was born on April 24, 1977. Derek is also a vegan and is lactose intolerant.Derek has played in bands such as: The Suicide Machines, The Vandals, Gyga, The Telegraph, Thoughts of Ionesco, Remainder and is now with the Alkaline Trio. finally,Derek is extremely fucking hot, besides the fact that he is an incredible drummer for one of the greatest bands EVER! Alkaline Trio
some guy: Holy Crap! did that girl just pass out?

some girl: Yeah, she just met derek grant.

some guy: Wow, he must be hot!

some girl: Yes he is my friend, yes he is.
by mattskiba'sgirl June 05, 2005
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really cool bean. he waved @ us :D and skiby nearly stole his shoe. and ali walked into him. WOW. we love del.
by derek's best chum. October 07, 2003
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Drummer for the Alkaline Trio, and formerly for the Suicide Machines. Looked like an emo kid, but changed his image to fit in with the Alkaline Trio, who think they're vampires or something.
"Derek Grant changed his emo kid-look, which is uncool. Changing to fit in is stupid. Poor, confused Derek. Someone should hit him."
by The Alkaline Cyber Skank January 02, 2004
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