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The public HS for a small town in Ct that happens to have an aroma of dirty feet. The towns nickname is Dirty Derby and the girls at the HS live up to it. Located in the naugatuck valley Derby sits at the bottom when it comes to HS graduates moving past working the counter at a Cumberland Farms. The Sports Teams are pathetic but being in CT's class S division even your avg softball player could make All State. With any luck they move on up to Seymour, get married, have kids and then drop them off at school with puke on their Derby high sweatshirt they wore the night before doing shots of moonshine.
John's wife seems very nice but I was surprised to see how much she drank. Well what do you expect she went to Derby High School and you could drink in any ruum in the school.
by Gotoyourruum May 23, 2018
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