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Delete System 32 is the most common answer when someone, usually a gamer, asks for help on what to do in some situation. Can also be used when someone is so toxic or shitty at a game that they need to delete their operating system to get rid of their shit stain of an existence to stop smelling online.
Some Minecraft player: "What's the command for creative mode?"
Some 9 year old: "delete system 32 lolool le troll"

Cod player: "dud u fukin suck m8 delete system 32 trash kid livin in ur moms basement"
Person Living in Mom's Basement: "......shut up"
Someone on a forum: "hey man delete system 32 it make ur pc go faster.
A poor, naive young one: Proceeds to flush hundreds of dollars down the drain.
by This isn't my real name June 23, 2014
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