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Delanee Payne is a very intelligent girl. She is very attractive, smart, laughs a lot, and it just a good person in general. I love her so much. She cares a lot about her friends, and her appearance. Most people call her names, but she always has her head up,. She is the best person in the world. And if you ever meet her, you don't ever want to let her go. Because she is someone u can rely on for the rest of your life. So u better treat her right, and don't let go of her. ( she is so date-able. But u have to be the right guy. She is a little scared of love, so always give her 2nd chances, because sometimes she does stupid things to the people she loves the most. Like let's them go. Aka, mainly guys. )
Ohh, I wish I could be more like Delanee Payne .
by Its_a_suprise October 12, 2017
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