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A spasticated donkey who is a great friend to all she is usually found sitting on her ass watching Netflix and eating whatever is in a a 100 mile radius or sleeping deimile's are sweet and caring and if you get on there bad side the will mudda effin destroy you invite them to ur house with caution as they will mostly likely piss everywhere but when they come into your life make sure they never leave
GIRL1: yooo did u see deimile last night

GIRL2: yeahhh she pissed every where

DEIMILE: what can I say my bladder is broken
by Sandyyymannn August 21, 2017
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Deimile is the most beautiful and sweetest girl ever. But she can be a bit bitter if you get on her bad side. She is loves animals and wouldn't even hurt a fly. She cares about her friends and will do anything to make them happy. She is the best friend you could ever have
Person 1: Hey ,I was hanging out with that girl yesterday.

Person 2:What did you do? Did you have fun?

Person 1: Yeah, she was the best Deimile ever
by x.lily.x December 28, 2018
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