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A character from the brand Watchdogs (2014) and Watchdogs: Bad blood(2014)
Full name JB Markowicz.
He is a hacker and works as a DJ in Dot connecXion in the Ambrose theatre and features in the mission "The Defalt condition" where he "trolls" you and is insensitive to your dead niece e.g :"HAD HIS NIECE KILLED BOO FUCKING HOO".
He later tricks you by making you chase a decoy of him while he escapes, but is later killed in Bad blood through a gas attack, although many fans speculate he is still alive.
"There is one that bothers me. His name is Defalt, and he's very good" Clara on his hacking ability.
by VitalSigns0_0 February 19, 2018
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