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a place where you learn,eat and be judged by peers for 6 hours. the groups, or "cliques"are
only talks about call of duty and sports. always dating sluts(next group)

dumbasses who wear hollistar and "love pink" and cant do their classwork correctly. facebook and fasion adicts

Band/choures junkies
music is their life. ofthen appear on youtube music channals and plays. good freinds, because they never get mad

me lol, people who love good music (1960's-90's) technolgy (vg and computors) and artwork ( comics manga anime and art sites. generally look down upon for "having no life"

bullys roam the halls, attacking however has a certin game or phone or weight or whatever. bullys are small kids who cant hit puburty and can be smashed fatality style. bullies only attack for one reason-being diffrent. dms is a great building, but has a terrible atmostphere and lifestyle
*the normal day at dedham middle school*
"omg, you dont have the new nike air flying 3000 2011 combine dg made just for going up 0.56 centimeters higher and cost 110 dollars. w0w you bk"-some sports douce
me-breaks nose then kicks their faimily diamonds up higher, if possible
by leroy xelloss May 30, 2011
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