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death of carnie is a chronicle of destruction, both physical and moral, that forms between two rival families in the wake of a cataclysmic event that transforms the world into a land of scavengers for whom every day is a struggle for survival.

it has been said that the series is loosely based upon the life and food-based struggles of Carnie Wilson, former big fatty of 80's music act Wilson Phillips (who was once large but now is not and sings Christmas carols about the benefits and risks of gastric bypass surgery {christmas with carnie}).
And it was foretold that the death of Carnie would come when the big fatty who shared his namesake, Carnie Wilson, would clobber him with a garbage can and steal his prized turkey carcass, devouring it in front of his frail twitching body as he lay dying.
by Jorge Asada December 04, 2007
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