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David Dula or David Dulay is a direct descendant of Lakan Dula of Tondo. He is the co-conspirator and financier of the Sumuroy Revolt. After the death of Sumuroy, Dulay was forced to continue the armed rebellion against Spain which has already spread in several places in the Bisayan Islands, Mindanao and some part of Luzon. Several years later, he was badly wounded in a fierce encounter with the Guardia Civil. He was caught together with his seven close -in armed officers and they were sentenced to death through firing squad with a charge of multiple murder of Spanish nationals and military officers. They were shot at the Palapag town plaza and were buried in unmarked grave to prevent the regrouping of the Indios behind his name. His clan members, family, relatives and friends named his neighborhood as sitio Kan David in Isla de Batag, Laoang, Northern Samar. Kan David, "owned by David" in the Waray dialect, is now known as barangay Candawid.
David Dulay and Sumuroy are blood relatives.
by J. Robert Dizon Bryce May 21, 2008
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