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a tree under which people lose their capability to act in a productive manner. Quite frequently, this great tree causes people's actions to resemble those of a froomer. contrary to popular belief, this term does NOT have a sexual connotation; them bitches do not get mad easy while sitting in the presence of david's tree. the tree,however, is not too big, and therefore is unfortunately an inadequate shield from the sun. keeping this in mind, it is absolutely crucial that one remember to bring a pair of sunglasses, preferably $7 foakleys bought from a haitian, when going to visit this wondrous spot.
bro, i want to play some lax, drink some nattys, and slam some bitches. it'll be so chill.

bro, sounds mad cill, but we cant be going to david's tree then...them bitches ain't mad easy thurr
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