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anabolic steroid that turns you into ronnie coleman overnight

massively used on the forums
eric: damn dave, how are you benching 300lbs? you were struggling with 100lbs yesterday
dave: dude, i went home and tried this stuff called dat dere celltech. it got me juiced up and now im pumped!
eric: good job dave man! i need to get me some of that!
eric's mom: waw! dave has the muscles now. he can pittb anytime!
by tund3 July 27, 2007
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Hardcore illegal anabolic steroid that is commonly abused by The Misk and other underground bodybuilding communities.
Guy 1: bigmane looks swole son!
Guy 2: Yah brah its cuz hes juicin with dat dere celltech
Guy 1: oh I sea
by iKermit July 10, 2008
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One of the most annoying members on the forums of, he constantly complains about being a 19 year old virgin. His life consists of looking in the mirror at 1,000 angles, and failing at everything besides being gay. Also, he likes to make outrageous claims such as being able to gain 20 pounds of muscle or lose fat, however never does so. Also known as RIP Chuck.
DDCT: Guys today at GNC this 8 maybe 9 came in to talk to me and I got her number
Misc: Good luck
Misc: You suck homo fail
*Later on that evening*
DDCT: Guys I met up with her but was too scared to talk so I stared at the ground and she called me a freak
Misc: Rofl

Dat Dere Celltech is a epic failure homo
by Misc Section July 14, 2008
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