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An intangible and very often falsified level of morale or personal greatness often paired with overwhelming pretense and an undeserved sense of self-worth. Usually referred to in the form of a question when the inquirer feels as though he is an state of possessing "dat webbie" and thus recognizes the opportunity for developing a stronger communal bond with his companions by verifying their possession of "dat webbie" as well. Concrete definition is impossible, as it takes on many forms of personal victories, possessions, and the like, et. al.
A cohort arrives at the clambake, most likely with some mead for passing and perhaps weakening the scruples of present females, and in an effort to confirm the good humor of his compatriots, shouts the traditional call: "You Got Dat Webbie?" When he is met with general agreement, the subject knows he did not mix up the invitations and accidentally attend the funeral reception of a close friend whose name he can't presently remember, but it'll come to him.
by The Brady January 16, 2007
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