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any person who's mere presence makes you cringe due to past experiences either involving oneself or a friend; most accurately describes any university student who is spiteful towards those who like to make-out with her ex (even though she has a new boyfriend), who doesn't like how her bangs just got cut, who loves wearing sparkly headbands and dangle earrings to the gym, and who's eyes and mouth are rather large for her face and appear larger in pictures than they ever should be; her appearance is as repulsive as a passer-byer's pungent breath
"Ew I hate seeing ____ at the gym!"
"OMG me too! Dangle breath is so annoying to even look at!"
"That's the perfect name for her! Now she won't even know we're talking about her and how annoying she is!"
by agoodfriendandroomie February 09, 2012
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