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Danbo Express is a store card, credit card, or debit card, with little or no credibility. Debenhams store card is Danbo Express, so is a Superdrug store card. "Link" cards used to be Danbo Express cards but they gained credibility around 1992 or 3. American Express, Visa, Barclaycard, are not Danbo Express.
Bank of Vietnam, Pakistan, India etc etc etc most definitely is.

At dinner in an expensive restaurant where celebrities eat.
Ok man in this restaurant, if anyone sees you carry any Danbo Express cards then you are socially null and void, so just go to the mens room and empty out any Danbo Express and keep em in your pocket. Dont even mention any Danbo Express companies when you pay the bill. If all you have is Danbo Express let me pay for you.
by blakey segs January 31, 2008
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