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person with a generaly low IQ, but a need to know what he is missing out on, bringing forth many stupid questions. Dan DCs are often concerned with the age of various objects and mating. According to a Dan DC, mating is essential but only with girls who follow these 3 criteria for a better life: 1) they brush their teeth before they come into his presence 2) they shower daily and after exercise 3) they finish their food. Like continuity in functions (calculus 1) if these criteria are not met Dan DCs mate anyway but tell lengthy stories after the ordeal. Passionate about lions.
geez Dan DC, put your ballsack away; we're at band practice!
by yoh12345678987654321 January 31, 2011
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Dome and Chicken: The act of receiving a blowjob, proceeding to the nearest KFC, and feasting on chicken.
Luckiest Man Ever: "I just got D and C, my life is complete."
His Friend: "Holy shit, that is fucking awesome."
by Officer.Nasty August 22, 2010
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