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a very very stoooopid little boy who likes to mock women, goths and red dwarf. ..not only goths in general but a goth very much loved by us all and to mock him on his own band site no IDIOT CHAV BOY!
smeg is a very good insult, and does beat sp00nfuck...what the hell do you call a sp00nfuck..and in leet aswel?? well if you're 'leet' you must be cool...
as for just bought yourself a one-way ticket to celibacy. if you're not there already...
you have merely experienced that small smattering of girls who will actually sleep with you..and now, having totally irrationally spouted that shit on the guestbook of the Purged site, you will now never get any girl other than the aforementioned. and i'm damn fucking glad because you don't deserve them!
damo: tom you're such a sp00nfuck.

everyone who knows/loves/has met tom: *punches and pounds 'til death ensues*
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