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A Daisy Face comes from england. It is when a male gives his partner a cum(semen) facial and then hacks up a big yellow chunk of phlegm and spits it on top of the semen in the middle of the face. Thus making the white and yellow of a daisy.
When he finished fucking his bitch, he blew all over her face and topped it off with some yellow phlegm to make a beautiful Daisy Face.
by The Devil Himself August 26, 2006
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On the day Kurt Cobain died, a Los Angeles band made up the term Daisyface and played under the name for 2 years. When asked by Tattoo Savage Magazine, the band claimed DaisyFace was a noun, defined as a shotgun blast to the head. They claimed this suited their sound, which was "Meaty, yet floral."
by S. Fidelvak November 02, 2007
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